Wireless HDMI Transmitter

5G Wireless HDMI Transmitter

Turn your mobile device into a wireless monitor recorder


Wireless Audio/Video Transmission

Very Low Latency -
Real Time Monitoring

Pocket Sized Transmitter
with foldable antennas

0 m
WIFI Range

Compact - Lightweigth - Versatile

EagleEye with a weigth of only 130g is one of the lightest Video-Transmitter on the market. And with a size of 80 x 62 x 23 mm there is a place in every pocket!

USB-C Port

to charge battery

to connect to external power bank

With Battery Level indicator

Connect your Camera with full size HDMI Port

1/4 screw thread


Stream full HD wireless video and audio to up to 4 devices

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APP Now Available for Android and iOS

3D LUT Import

Add to your Smartphone or Table the LUT files and import it easily to the EagleEye App. Watch instantly the result of your footage.

Camera Control

Control your camera through the App and take pictures, start / stop recording or Zoom In/Out*. Supported Camera Brands are Sony, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic.
*with Sony incl. digital Zoom

Streaming and Sharing

Stream your content (Audio & Video) on up to 4 devices. Cameraman, Director, Producer can watch the production onsite. This safes time and is more cost efficient for your production.


Put up to 5 favorite features which you often use to your main screen. Easy and fast access, no need to enter the setup menu again!

Key Features

• APP support for both Android & iOS platforms( APP: iOS 8.0 or above / Android 6.0 or above )

• 100m 1080p Video & Audio transmission (free area)

• Incredibly low latency for real-time monitoring

• High quality pocket sized housing

• 3500mAh exchangeable Li-Ion battery

• Battery run-time up to 4 hours

• Professional monitor features:

• Grayscale, RGB, monochrome, false color, focus peaking, zebras, safe mark, center mark etc.

• Adjustable Color Gamut for video range and full range

• 3D LUT loading (.cube format)

Internal recording function (Turns the mobile phone into a wireless recorder, for FHD 1920*1080 30/60fps resolution video)

PiP with Histogram

• 8 Selectable 5G Channels (Channel is automatically prompted to change when the signal is weak)

• Taking Pictures directly on your mobile device and share it instantly on social media!

Image and Video Gallery

And much more! Stay tuned!


Get the ultimate compact 5G HDMI Transmitter

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