Weights <1kg (2.2lb) Carries >4.2kg (8.8lb)

Unobstructed View

Maverick's Multifunctional Handle

Take full control of the Maverick with just one hand!

Maverick Handle

OLED Display

5 way joystick

Zoom in/out

1/4 screw hole

on both sides

Mode button

chose between up to 7 different modes

Menu Button

Change camera weight or enter into setup menu

Power / REC

Power on/off gimbal or start Video REC

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Maverick Professional

Maverick Pro

The Maverick Professional Kit contains all the relevant accessories a professional filmmaker needs.
Maverick Premium

Maverick Premium

The Maverick premium kit comes with all the accessories from teh essential kit and includes also the wireless follow focus system. It was never easier to pull the focus while filming with the gimbal.
Maverick advanced

Maverick Advanced

The Maverick Advanced Kit comes with an additional universal multifunctional handle that gives you more flexibility when using the Maverick Gimbal.

multifunctional and versatile

Highly Versatile

Multifunctional and lot of accessories available. How does your setup looks like?

Maverick Backpack

Maverick comes with an water repellant backpack enough space for all your gears and even more.

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